2017 Game Day Schedule

To sign up for a game, click on the available game signups below.

On Game Day, pre-game pep band members will need to check in at the Alumni Band room 3 hours before kickoff (BK). For example, you will need to check in at 9:30am for a 12:30pm game.

We will have a limited number of free parking for pepband members. Parking is located in the Portage Bay Parking Garage unless we send an email saying otherwise – if this location is changed, you will receive an email at least 24 hours before the game begins. (A HMBAA member will be there to hand out the free passes 4 hours BK). 2½ hours BK we will quickly warm up and perform at various locations around the outside of Husky Stadium. This year we will have less walking with shorter, more frequent music stops. Our last stop will be approximately 1 hour BK.

We will then return our jackets, music, and store our instruments in the Alumni Band room. This will be open for you after the game to collect your stuff. There is no room in the stadium to store your instrument this year, and we will not be performing in the stadium. Stan Yantis will pass out our (45) free tickets to those who signed up online for them at the conclusion of the pregame pepband.

Game Day Schedule Breakdown

  • 4 hours BK, parking passes available at Portage Bay Garage (unless emailed otherwise)
  • 3 hours BK, check out music, jacket and instrument from Alumni room
  • 2½ hours BK, performances outside the stadium
  • 45 min BK, return to the Alumni room for checking in of music, Jacket and storage of cases. 45 free tickets will be handed out to those who signed up for them.
  • After the game pick up your things from the Alumni room

Here are the go live dates for the 2017 football games.  Each sign up will open at 12:30PM on these days.

Sept 9 vs. Montana – VA Game

Sept 16 vs. Fresno State – Sign up Sept 3

Oct 7 vs. Cal – Sign up Sept 24

Oct 28 vs. UCLA – Sign up Oct 15

Nov 4 vs. Oregon – Sign up Oct 22

Nov 18 vs. Utah – Sign up Nov 5

Nov 25 vs WSU (Saturday) – Sign up Nov 12


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Date: November 25, 2017

Kick off is TBD. Check http://www.gohuskies.com/schedule.aspx?path=football for updates.
- IF you have your own ticket OR just want to play in the pep band please only sign up in the first spot "I have my own ticket/do not need a ticket but will play before".
- IF you want a FREE ticket please sign up in other instrument specific spots.
- IF spots for your instrument are full please sign up in the "any instrument or cheer section". If those are full, sign up on the wait list. We WILL assign all available tickets.
Please direct any questions or need to cancel your sign up please contact Kaila, secretary@hmbaa.org

Sign up below...

What Available Spots
I have my own tickets/do not need a ticket but will play before the game (put instrument after last name) #1: Brian B.
#2: Dennis H.
#3: Christopher L.
#4: Sign up »
#5: Sign up »
#6: Sign up »
#7: Sign up »
#8: Sign up »
#9: Sign up »
#10: Sign up »
Waitlist (put instrument after last name) #1: Janelle B.
#2: Charles T.
#3: Preston S.
#4: Scott r.
#5: Diane B.
#6: John B.
#7: Lee M.
#8: Makayla M.
Piccolo #1: Katy S.
#2: Jessica H.
Clarinet #1: Deisha G.
#2: Rebekah R.
Sax (any) #1: Walt W.
#2: Alan F.
#3: Matt P.
#4: Admin B.
Trumpet (any) #1: Stephanie K.
#2: Roy P.
#3: David S.
#4: Jacob P.
#5: Glenn L.
#6: Admin B.
Trombone (any) #1: Ben S.
#2: Barb H.
#3: Alex L.
#4: Neal P.
#5: Nick R.
#6: Gene K.
Mellophone #1: Katy W.
#2: Admin B.
Baritone #1: David B.
Sousa #1: Lars O.
#2: Shaun H.
#3: Wesley W.
Snare #1: Amy K.
#2: Amy K.
Bass drum #1: Kris V.
Tenor drum #1: TJ O.
Cymbals #1: Garrett N.
Director #1: Joel O.
Cheer or any instrument (put instrument after last name) #1: Zoe T.
#2: Janelle B.
#3: Heather O.
#4: Angel S.
#5: Gail S.
#6: Priscilla E.
#7: Clint M.
#8: Bethany L.
#9: Keito O.
#10: Linda M.
#11: jorge C.
#12: Priscilla E.